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Firm anti Sophon klaim's notable virus have found first one virus contaminates to pass through document OpenOffice.org.
That virus is so-called can show off at Windows platform, MAC, and Linux at a swoop.
Even such Sophos declares for that until now that virus is not threat because was spread and raising hell outside there.
Named if this virus only proof of concept (probe).

Worm who given by SB / Badbunny's name a. that, utilizing script macro StarBasic that integrated deep OpenOffice to carry on its action with makes script any other at victim computer.
“Worm that will try to download and features JPEG'S image improper of a man which put on dress bunny while classy doing sexual relationship activity ”, according to APC.

Worm SB / Badbunny a. that will infektion victim while they open OpenOffice Draw's file by the name of badbunny.odg. Macro that lurking at deep that file will carry on different action to be hung platform which that utilized by that time (Windows, MacOS or Linux):
Windows: Worm will make file by the name of drop.bad is next disalinkan will go to system.ini's file on folder mIRC (if is found on victim computer) and making and carries on badbunny.js's file that constitutes one Javascript virus that will on call as duplikator worm's file.
MacOS: Worm will make two files script virus utilizes Ruby's languages (its file given by badbunny.rb's name or badbunnya.rb)
Linux: Worm will make badbunny.py's file as script XChat and also make badbunny.pl's file that constitute little virus gets Perl's language basis menularkan's commisioned on Perl's file another.

script XChat's file and mIRC on call as virus that menduplikasi and distributes OpenOffice's file already most infects worm: badbunny. odg passes through DCC'S protocol passes Internet band / chatting irc.
Even such descries this virus will be hard for amends because still needful user's interaction overdose and still pending in many particular condition.
Example: at MacOS x and Linux Is virus is still rely user's interaction to decide that mengeksekusi script Ruby / script Xchat will or not, one that of course will be cancelled for many user which is aware about security problem.
But at eksekusi's Windows Javascript can be done by worm automatically without interaction with user that of course wills be threat that dangerously.
SB / Badbunny a. is worm proof of concept that descries at sends over direct enamel go to Sophos's team with intent strictly for point out probe to weigh intention to overspread and does action wreck.
To its safe, better You don't carry on aught macro in one OpenOffice.org's file until quite a confident if that file clear and comes from abiding source.

source: Linux's magazine Online
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mount & unmount partition Windows (NTFS)

Sometimes afters installation Linux's therefore default just partition linux just that most reads meanwhile partition is Windows not.
But you make a abode can read partisi that windows.

One that has you do:
Input goes to konsole/terminal then comes in as root. Cheque first where partition's position windows lies with types

fdisk -l

therefore will perform partisi partisi those are on harddisk is information therewith another as system's file that is utilized, used room, and free room.
Then makes directory at /media/ place windows where partisi windows will at mount.

mkdir /media/windows

Assumed that /dev/hda1 is partisi's location windows (NTFS). Therefore for mount partisi windows:

mount /dev/hda1/media/windows/ -t ntfs -o nls=utf8,umask=0222

Now partisi your windows can at access and at reads by linux. To unmount partisi windows:

umount /media/windows
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Linux's installation tips

To install Linux basically is easily and rejoicing although sometime appears hard. But divides that have never been menginstall may will say elaborate, at a stand, fuss, and distress. But not all along be.

I will give severally tips which shall at looking at in menginstall Linux at Your PC.

1. Vote for distro Linux what do That You will install, and cheque what corresponds to hardware Your PC. Since if out of character Linux what does You install cannikin won't clear a root as necessarily.

2. Provide harddisk's room gawps that haven't dipartisi whatever.

3. To desktop the need minimal shall have two partisi which is" / " and" swap".

4. Partisi is swap shall big have two-time of memory / RAM. Example: 256MB's RAM therefore partisi swap that 512MB shall.

5. Partisi / can at makes to accord Your requirement. But at suggests minimal 5GB.

6. There is file kind sort system at Linux as reiserfs, ext. ext., ext3 etc.. But I suggest to utilize ext3, since having a lot of top at compares system's file another.

7. To bootloader You can choose LILO or GRUB. And install bootloader at MBR (Master Boot Record) on harddisk. Myself utilizes GRUB because kostumisasi what do be easily.

8. Process installation will eat time at longest 1 hour and quickest 30 minutes. Ensure that Linux that Your install suits with hardware You and don't press or switch off PC upon process installation.

Ok.. little bit tips upon hopefully gets to help friends in do Linux's installation. Good Luck
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